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MaCC Has A New Look!

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  • New Personal Food Libraries
  • New Food Journals
  • Full Nutrient Tracking!
  • New Exercise Libraries
  • New Exercise Logs
  • Daily Journal Libraries
  • New Charts
  • BMI & BMR Tracking
  • Weight Loss Projections
  • Macronutrient Tracking

More Controls, More Features, More Options, Sleaker Design and Still Easy To Use!

Weight Loss Support Groups Are Back!

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  • Biggest Loser Leader Boards
  • Food & Exercise Library Sharing
  • Weight Loss Wall Chat
  • Member Diet Statistics
  • Leadership Options
  • Open or Private Groups
  • Perfect for Families, Friends and Co-Workers

Support groups provide a competitive and supportive atmosphere allowing you to help keep each other motivated, on track, accountable and losing weight!

To Join or Create a Support Group, visit the Support Group page

New Weight Loss Tickers!

Weight loss tickers are a great way to show off your weight loss and
are easily integrated into your forum signature, blog or website.

Visit our Weight Loss Ticker Library to get started, no account needed, 100% Free!

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New Weight Loss Profiles!

Build, Customize & Share Your Weight Loss Profile

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  • Your Story & Bio
  • Weight Loss Ticker
  • Recent Foods & Exercises
  • Daily Journal Entry
  • Friends
  • Recent Forum Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Weight Loss Chart
  • Profile Comments
  • Visit Matthews Profile!
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Free Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Tools!

Much more than a simple free calorie counter to help track calories and exercises!

  • Food Journal
  • Full Nutritional Tracking
  • Full TDEE Tracking
  • Exercise Log
  • Personal Food & Exercise Libraries
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Weight Loss Support Forums
  • Customized Weight Loss Tickers
  • Support Groups
  • Daily Journal
  • Projected Weight Loss Calculations
  • Weigh in, BMI, And BMR Tracking
  • Estimated Weight Loss Calculations
  • And Many Additional Weight Loss Tools!

Free Calorie Counting = Weight Loss!

Never pay a penny!
We supply all these tools for free, if you like our services all we ask is for a link back to this site.

Losing weight the healthy way is not easy, takes time with lots of dedication.
Information is the key to any battle!

Our Free Calorie Counter and Diet Weight Loss systems will provide the information to win your weight loss battle. By keeping a record of your calories and exercises, you will have the tools to help keep you on track, motivated, healthy and losing weight.

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Matthews Free Calorie Counter Features:

  • Simple and Fast
    With Free Calorie Counting tools such as our Food Pantry and Quick Tag Search System, you can get in, get out, and on with your life.

    3,500 Calories = 1 Pound, Losing weight has never been simpler!

  • Full Nutritional Tracking
    Your Food Journal will keep track of your total nutrient intake, showing you what your daily nutrient intake currently is and if you have gone over your nutrient targets. A Daily Calorie Limit is also available to help keep count of your caloric intake.

    Your Exercise Log will track and tally up your Total Daily Energy Expenditure based on your current daily activity level. Or you can add exercises yourself from our extensive exercise library or make up your own!
  • Weight Loss Support Forums
    Our weight loss forums are a great place to support and encourage one another. This is also a great place to get site updates, suggest new features or get technical help using our site. Stop in and say hi!
  • Free Custom Weight Loss Tickers
    Everyone one starts out with a default weight loss ticker. You can customize the weight loss ticker in several different styles. Code is also available so you can display your weight loss ticker in your forum signatures, blogs or personal web pages.

    You don’t have to be a member to build a weight loss ticker! Weight Loss Tickers are free and available to the public.
  • Support Groups
    Support Groups are specially tailored for those such as couples, co workers, and family members that share the same exercise routines or eat the same foods.

    Support Groups allow for members to share each other’s personal food and exercise libraries. So if you and your spouse are in a support group, only one of you has to enter a food into your personal food library and you both will have access to that food.

    Support Groups also keep track of everyone’s EWL per day and over all weight loss, in addition each of your total calorie intake and total calorie burned will be displayed in Biggest Loser leader boards. Everyone also has access to each other’s weight loss ticker.
  • Calorie Counter Articles
    Take a break from Calorie Counting and visit the Article Section. From Fitness to Nutrition, Weight Loss to Women’s Health, our articles will help you stay on track, motivated and losing weight! View our available articles in our Article Index.
  • Weight Loss Statistics
    Comprehensive weight loss information, specially tailored to your diet that will allow you to see where you are in your current daily and overall weight loss goals.
  • Estimated Weight Loss
    We can calculate a daily Estimated Weight Loss (EWL) based on your BMR, BMI, Total Daily Calorie Intake and Total Daily Calories Burned. We can also calculate your EWL since your last weigh in.
    Your EWL will give you an idea of where you stand if you cannot get to a scale.
  • Build your Personal Food Library
    Everyone starts out with a simple food library. You can start adding foods to build your Personal Food Library that best fits your lifestyle.

    Add food manually or search through our extensive USDA Foods Database:
  • Build your Personal Exercise Library
    Create your own Exercise Library, personally suited to your regular daily activities. Add exercises manually or use our exercise calculator that list dozens of common exercises.

    Your Personal Exercise Library works a lot like your Personal Food Library.
  • Daily Journal
    A Daily Journal is offered to help keep you on track and motivated. Take notes on your day’s activities, write down your thoughts on a particular exercise, or keep track of your overall dietary goal.
  • Past History Edit
    Maybe you had a rough day, or maybe you just could not get to the computer, whatever the case you can add or edit Foods, Exercises and Journal entries to days you may have missed.
  • Large Food Database
    Use our Quick Text Search to quickly find foods in your Personal Food Library or search over 9,000 USDA Approved Foods to find the foods that best fit your weight loss goals.
  • Weigh In Chart
    Our Weigh In chart will give you an overall picture of your weight loss at each weigh in date. This will allow you to visualize your diet trends and overall progress.
  • All this for FREE! Why? You can read my story here.
    If you are ready to take the leap, ready for a fresh start, ready to take that first step or just continuing your weight loss journal, there is no better time, so Join Now!

Free Calorie Counter Updates

Matthews Calorie Counter now has a Blog!

We are moving these Beta Updates to our Official Blog.

Having a blog will allow us to share more information about new free calories counter features, changes and allow more interaction with the our Free Caloric Counter community. Having a blog will also allow us to feature different aspects of our free calorie counting services and additional weight loss tools that you may not know about.

So please drop by, leave a comment, suggestion, question or just to say hi!


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