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My name is Matthew; I helped create this site! If you want to know a little more about me, please visit my profile page.

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A little bit about me

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It seems like I have always been on some kind of diet. I have tried all the different “fad” diets, from counting carbs, to the low fat diets, to even more extreme diets that included eating cabbage soup all week. Sometimes they did not work, and the times they did, is was only short term. I would always gain my weight back within a month or two, or sooner.

I spent eight years in the US Navy and my weight was a constant problem. Every six months we would have a weigh in, if we failed we would be put on a mandatory exercise program, which never seemed to work. But I did learn a couple important facts. One, you must be, MUST be motivated to lose weight. If you’re not motivated in your head, your body will not follow. And two, 3,500 calories = 1 Pound of fat, which became the base for this website.

Soon after leaving the military I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. Thank God it is now in remission, it was an intense battle. I actually gained weight while on Chemotherapy, strange, but for me eating or always chewing on something helped with my nausea. I acquired a nasty side effect from the Chemo that affects my platelet counts. To combat this I was put on a stringent dose of steroids, and combined with everything else made me gain 40 pounds in a very short amount of time.

When I started feeling well enough, I wanted to lose this weight. I was not about to try any of those fad diets again. I have bounced up and down my whole life, and looking back now the only diet that truly ever worked was good old exercise and limiting my daily calorie intake. But I needed a better strategy, some way to keep track of my daily calorie intake, and exercises. So I started working on a program that would help me keep track of these things, and has since multiplied in complexity many times over.

3,500 Calories = 1 Pound

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This is the very basic science behind losing weight and this website. If you can you burn 3,500 more calories than you intake, you lose one pound of fat. There are some other factors, such as metabolism and how healthy you are, but for the most part this little piece of intelligence can be the key to winning this war on weight loss.

Building this site

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It is amazing to see how many calories we consume per day when we start adding them up. At first I tried to keep track of my calorie intake on paper, but after a few days it became too much work. I started searching the Net for a good Calorie Counter. I was impressed by how many I found. But, none of them really suited my needs. They either were to clunky, not advanced enough, hard to understand and the worst part COSTED MONEY to use.

When I first created this site, it was never meant to be anything more than a personal tool of mine. It was a simple calorie counting program on my computer. The more I added to it, the more I realized it was turning into something so much more, something that could be useful to other people.

In the summer of 2008 I started working to convert what I had into something others could use as a web site. Boy that was a long summer. When I decided to put this online I did not realize how flooded the market was with existing Calorie Counters. There are some good ones out there, but many cost money. I am building the best site possible and trying to keep it free. It would be nice if it generated enough money to support my family, all I can say is, God's will be done.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the site. Drop by the forums and let me know what I can do to improve it further. I have a lot of Ideas I would love to try, it just comes down to time.

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