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Christmas Tree Ticker Christmas Tree weight loss ticker
Gold Bells Ticker Gold Bells weight loss ticker
Silent Night Ticker Gold Stars weight loss ticker
Birdy Bird Ticker Birdy weight loss ticker
Cupid Ticker Cupid weight loss ticker
Rose Ticker Roses weight loss ticker
Going on Safari Ticker safari weight loss ticker
Traveling Ticker travel weight loss ticker
Calorie Counter Default Ticker Default Example
Retro Butterfly Ticker flower ticker skin
Tropical Beach Fun Ticker tropical weight loss ticker
Bee Ticker Bee Weight Loss Skin
Going on Vacation Ticker vacation weight loss skin
Wedding Ticker wedding ticker
Football Ticker Football example
Light House Ticker lighthouse skin
Soccer Field 1 Ticker soccer skin
Soccer Field 2 Ticker soccer 2 skin

Weight Loss Ticker FAQ

What are weight loss tickers?

Weight loss tickers are pictures that represent your overall and current weight loss

Weight loss tickers are a great way to show off your weight loss progress to friends and family. Code is supplied that you can copy and paste into your Forum Signatures, Blogs or Websites.

Why so few?

All our tickers are custom made, it takes time with lots of love and dedication to create these things! We do our best to supply weight loss tickers that not only show off your weight loss, but also look great in your website, blog or forum signatures.

Were always adding more tickers, please check back regularly.

Do I need an account to create a weight loss ticker?

Nope, no account is necessary to create a weight loss ticker.

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