Special Thanks

This was my first full website, from beginning to end. What a learning experience! We spent about a year developing it, usually with what spare time we had. It is programmed with ASP.NET. We used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NHibernate, SQL, XML and C#.

That being said, If not for the following we would have spent many hours banging our heads against a wall:

Those 4 Guys From Rolla

For showing me how to set up an event calendar. This site has a lot of great tutorials and information.


This is a wonderful JavaScript library. Big timer saver.

Emily and Hein W. van Wyk

A very talented couple. Hein helped me with the site look while Em did most of our Weight Loss Tickers. Thanks Guys!

HtmlBox from Remiya

Great site with alot of usefull JQuery Plug Ins.


Wow, what an amazing product! This is one of the best text editors I have ever seen. I was looking for a Text Editor that could handle copy and pastes from Word and of all the products I have used or seen, CKEditor is the best.

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