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To Lose Weight You Have To Eat Great!!!

My Story

I am a 12 year old girl 145 pounds right now and i need to lose weight im not "Normal" size. all my family say i am not fat, but i see it everywhere. People may think im crazy trying to lose weight so young, but i think i have to, to be a healthy active athletic girl. im 5"3 and im 145 pounds like i said. You couldn't picture me but you would be discusted the way i look. My parents put me in a guidance consalor group because of what i think of my self, but if it is true, why lie to me. I count CALORIES because its healthy i find, and fats. Your only sapost to have at leats 1500calories a day but i have 1200 to 1450 sometimes. I am in process already 3 months into matthews calorie counter and i already see results! My Waist was 34 inches,love handles 39 inches, cheast 38 inches on Febuary the 26th, 2010. On April 25th,2010 my waist was 31 inches, love handels 37 inches, cheast 36 inches. And today May 14th, 2010 my waist is 30 inches, love handels 36 inches,cheast 35 inches. I lost in total 9 inches in 3 months not to shabby but not good enough. I hope this summer i can fullfill my dream as a 100 pound girl. I also LOVE Basketball. I didn't make it this year becaus i was too"short" and not good enough i guess. But Hannah Mac Donal that goes to my school in jr.high in grade 7 made the team and she was 4 foot something shorter than i was anyway, and not even half as good as me. I think it was "RIGGED!" and so does everyone else. I am pretty good at basketball now because i Practice, Practice, Practice for an hour or less a day and exercise alot, well as much as i can if i am not tired. I love to shop also, but seeing me in clothes in my favorite shops in size large discusts me because i want to be skinny and hot and fabulas and have long legs and be tall and pretty, but i don't think it will happen, but i just got to wait and see what the future holds. My dad is mean alot but sometimes nice. I very, very love him so, but he can get so cranky i flip.

My Goals For This Year:

To be 105 pounds. I need to at least be 120 pounds. I want to be on the Basketball team next year so i want to go to basketball camp. I want to be the best basketball player ever alive. I want to be skinny,thin, nice looking in my clothes.

Favorite Books & Music

Lady Antabellum,Down With Webster, Faber-Drive, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jason Durlo,Sean Kingston, Karl Wolf, Rianna, Etc. All The 2010 Hit Music I like (:.

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Weight:116.0 lbs.
Joined:April 19, 2010
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Foods Recently Eaten by Kellbell831
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    Calories: 100, Fat: --, Carbs: --, Protien: --
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    Calories: 50, Fat: --, Carbs: --, Protien: --
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    Calories: 200, Fat: --, Carbs: --, Protien: --
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    Calories: 350, Fat: --, Carbs: --, Protien: --
  • Gum
    Calories: 5, Fat: 0.0g, Carbs: 0.0g, Protien: 0.0g

Kellbell831's Recent Exercises
  • Roller blading (in-line skating)
    Calories Burned: 835
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