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History Tracking Charts

These charts will give you an overall picture of your dietary standing at each weigh in point. View past weigh ins, BMI and BMR information. This will allow you visualize your dietary trends and overall progress.

Our Charting system has many different ways to be adjusted to interpret your history, which include Line, Spline and Area Charts, 3D, and setting specific date intervals.

Daily Adjustment

One of the wonderful features of Matthews Calorie Counter is our ability to give you a “weekly” and “daily” Estimated Weight Loss (EWL), which comes in handy if you are unable to find a scale.

Your Estimated Weight Loss calculations are based off of your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and Total Calorie Intake per day. Even with the most diligent TDEE and TCI record keeping, after some time, variations between your Estimated Weight Loss and your Actual Weight loss may occur.

These variations between your EWL and AWL can happen from any number of reasons, ranging from metabolism to miscalculated activities or foods. To counter act this, we have created the Daily Adjustment.

Weight Loss Tickers

Get a quick peek at your overall weight loss progress using your weight loss ticker, updated at each weigh in. We have numerous different styles and skins to choose from, with many more being added each month.

Estimated Weight Loss

We can calculate a EWL of how many pounds you gained or lost each day, and since your last weigh in based on your Total Calorie Intake and Burn. Your EWL will give you an idea of where you stand if you cannot get to a scale.

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Daily Journal

A Daily Journal is offered to help keep you on track and motivated. Take notes on your day’s activities, write down your thoughts on a particular exercise, or keep track of your overall dietary goal.

Goal Picture System

Upload two pictures which will be used to display when you’re within your Daily Calorie Limit and when you go over. This quick visual system will help keep you motivated and on track.

Diet Statistics

Comprehensive dietary information, specially tailored to your diet that will allow you to see where you are in your current daily and overall weight loss goals.

History Edit

Maybe you had a rough day, or maybe you just could not get to the computer, whatever the case you can add or edit Foods, Exercises and Journal entries to days you may have missed.

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