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Exercise Log

Your exercise log is used to keep track of your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

You have two choices on how you would like your TDEE to be calculated:

Auto allows you to select an activity level that best matches your 'general' activity level. Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure will be calculated for you based on this activity level..

TDEE Manual
Manual gives you more control and a more accurate calculation of your TDEE, which in turns gives you a more accurate EWL projections, Daily EWL and EWL since your last weigh in.

With your account set to MANUAL, your initial TDEE is based upon a Sedentary lifestyle. This number is called your "Daily Activity".

Additional exercises must be added by you to generate your 'total' TDEE.

Your Exercise Library

Your personal exercise library is specially tailored for your daily activities. Add exercises manually or from our extensive exercise library.

Your exercises will change as you do, dynamically adjusting their values to fit your own weight loss. This opens the door to many different possibilities, including the sharing of exercises between your other support group members (wife, husband, coworkers, work-out partner...).

Estimated Weight Loss

We can calculate a EWL of how many pounds you gained or lost each day, and since your last weigh in based on your Total Calorie Intake and Burn. Your EWL will give you an idea of where you stand if you cannot get to a scale.

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Weigh In Chart

Our Weigh In chart will give you an overall picture of your weight loss at each weigh in date. This will allow you to visualize your diet trends and overall progress.

Weight Loss Tickers

Each account created starts off with a Basic Weight Loss Ticker. But even if you dont have an account, you can still create one for FREE! Just visit our Weight Loss Ticker page to start.

Quick Tag Search

Easily find foods in your Personal Food Library by using our Quick Tag Search system.

Personal Food Library

Everyone with a new account starts with the most basic foods in their Personal Food Library. You can then build a custom food library that fits your lifestyle.

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