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Camp food-----HELP
#1 Posted : Thursday, April 01, 2010 4:52:23 PM
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I resently started a job that requires me to stay in a camp for a week at a time. With the line up at supper time it is imposible to question the cook about how the food was week we had chicken parmesan, chicken breast, tomato sause on top, with a little cheese, the cheese was melted so I presumed it was done in the oven--------not. The chicken was deep fried first, how was I to know? That was the first deep fried food since the start of my diat(Jan 2). Breakfast is no problem, lunch I make my self, but suppers are a problem, I eat big salads, have mashed or baked potatoes instead of fries, lots of veggies, but the main corsed. I relize there is probably no solution and am just venting but any help would be apreciated.Thanks
#2 Posted : Thursday, April 01, 2010 5:21:19 PM
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Wow that’s hard.

You don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve got started, not to mention all that weight you’ve lost ( I would love to see that bumble bee hit 200!). That camp food does not sound very healthy, much less diet food.

What kind of camp is this? Do you have access to a microwave/fridge or is this tent camping?

The only advice I could give you is from my personal experience. When I was in the Navy, we would be out to sea for months at a time. The food being prepared was not the healthiest in the world, especially if I was trying to lose weight or stay healthy. I would stock up on lean cuisines, in our shop frig and cook them in our microwave, among many other low calorie/healthy meals.

If you don’t have access to a fridge or microwave you could:
-Bring a lot of fruit
-Buy some kind of powdered drink
-Bring your own Camping Stove/Pot and lots of soups

There are lots of “Healthy Choice” soups out there that are decent on calorie intake, healthy and will fill you up.

Ill keep thinking on this one and post any new ideas.

Best of luck to ya!
#3 Posted : Thursday, April 01, 2010 6:37:58 PM
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Rohmrm thanks for the continued support. It is a modern camp, microwave avalible in kitchen, always soup 24\7, all
the fruit you can eat and I have a bar fridge in my room. I have always been a meat and potato kind of guy which works a home when the meat is prepared healthy. I will look into the lean cuisines but I would hate to pay for food when they supply it for free. Maybe I just have to get away from some of the meat when the preperation is in question and try some of the soups as you suggested as they seem pretty healthy.Thank you once again.
#4 Posted : Friday, April 02, 2010 9:38:59 PM
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Wow camping all week for work! That's so fun!
Hmm you'll be burning so much, you'll need some decent heavy duty eats.
Can you double up on breakfast, have it again for dinner, or lunch for dinner, instead of their dinner?
do some extra exercising after dinner, sit ups, push ups, stretching, find heavy cans, buckets, etc and lift weights, do squats, use your body weight to weight train.
You should see/read some of the scary protein meals some bodybuilders have, they would put those camp meals to good use!
turn it to work in your favor. even if you eat it and enjoy it ;)
burn baby burn!
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